Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Film Saga #1 TIFF

My First Toronto International Film Festival 2014 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Buying the ticket package was a slam dunk. After hawking the TIFF database to absorb every ounce of information there was about the film lineup, film descriptions, red carpet events, midnight movie madness, even old pics of festivals past just to see what people wear up there, etc. I finally wrote my list.

I listed 50 movies as must sees, wish lists, and definitely maybes... Thing is, I only had four days on the Back Half and ten tickets to share with my absolute favorite movie partner - Mom.  The night before choosing, we narrowed the list down (with lots of pouting involved). But, we did it.

*My Choice Package Films (unranked):
1. Black and White
2. The Riot Club
3. The Dead Lands
4. Big Game
5. The Guest (bought the tickets the morning of)
6. The Keeping Room (couldn't make the 9am Sun. show)
7. The Equalizer
8. Top Five
*If you are not interested of any of these's a good time to move on to another blog.

The process of selecting the films was a little trippy as the film schedule site kept saying "error message" every time I refreshed, but I got all of my selections finalized within 20 mins. The itinerary was set!

Next post: Rankings & Reviews

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